Nordic Section of the Regional Science Association


NS-RSA is the organization of the Nordic members of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA). Within ERSA regional scientist are organised according to language or national affiliation.  ERSA is one of three supra regional groupings of individual national and international sections or associations, which together constitute the Regional Science Association International (RSAI). The other supraregional groupings are the North American and the Pacific Regional Science Associations. For further information see the relevant homepages accessible through the links on this page.


The purpose of NS-RSA is to stimulate regional science in the Nordic countries to facilitate contacts to international networks in our field. The regional science community is an interdisciplinary group from various fields of social science i.e. economics, geography political science and planning. Our members are researcher from universities and research institutes and civil servants from international organisations, governmental agencies and local and regional authorities in our field.


During the last ten years the NS-RSA embarked on a project to support the creation of regional science networks in the Baltic States. The most important instruments were the organisation of Nordic Baltic Seminars and workshops in cooperation with local partners and the support of membership of the NS-RSA of a local anchorperson.


Activities of the NS-RSA has contributed to during the last 10 to fifteen years includes two European Congress in Stockholm and Odense (a third will take place next year in Jyväskylä in Finland), two ERSA summer-schools and 7 Nordic Baltic seminars. For details see the links on this page.

Membership benefits and registration.

Members of NS-RSA are eligible to discounted conference fees and subscription to major journals in regional science. NS-RSA offers three types of membership, full membership, student membership and Nordic membership. The later does not include reduced subscription fees for journals and non-Nordic conferences. From 2005 membership in the international sections will be managed by Blackwell Publ. Current member will be contacted by Blackwell. Nordic membership will still be managed by the section directly, and will still include discounted rates on Nordic events and general information provided by e-mail and our web-site.



Links :

·        RSAI

·        ERSA

·        Blackwell


Upcoming events in the Nordic-Baltic area:


·        The 11th Uddevalla Symposium will take place in June 14-16, 2007 at University West,  Campus Uddevalla, Sweden The theme will be "Institutions for Knowledge Generation and Konwledge Flows – Building Innovative Capabilities for Regions" .Uddevalla Symposium

Abstract submission deadline: February 28, 2007

History of events:

  • ERSA congress in Volos; Greece, August-September 2006.
  • Biannual Meeting for Danish regional researchers May 2006, more information will soon be available: Place: Gl. Avernæs, Fyn, Date: Monday May 8 & Tuesday May 9, 2006

·        19th ERSA Summer Institute 2006 Groningen, NL

Institutions and useful resources:

Become a member/membership registration: please send an e-mail to your local board member:

Finland: Aki Kangsharju (chair)

Finland: Jaakko Simonen (treasurer & secretariat)

Denmark: Andreas P. Cornett

Norway: Steinar Johansen

Sweden: Lars Westin


Last updated: December 8,  2006